ChromaBlast Instructions

ChromaBlast Heat Press Application Instructions

Recommended for: White or Light Colored 100% Cotton Fabrics

Printing ChromaBlast Transfers

Once your ChromaBlast System is set up and in place, printing and transferring an image onto a white or light colored 100% cotton garment is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps, and you are on your way to creating one-of-a kind, beautiful and profitable products.

  1. Load ChromaBlast Transfer Media paper into your printer. The printable side is opposite the ChromaBlast logo.
  2. Create or import an image into your graphics application.
  3. Click Print in your application and select the ChromaBlast Driver as the printing device.
  4. Ensure that the Mirror option is selected in the ChromaBlast Power Driver, unless you have already reversed the image in your graphics application.
  5. Print your ChromaBlast transfers.

Heat Press - Transfer Instructions

IMPORTANT: The use of a protective Teflon sheet or parchment paper is strongly recommended for ChromaBlast transfer application when using a commercial heat press. The use of this sheet will protect your heat press and eliminate the possibility of ChromaBlast paper curling or moving prior to heat fixation.

  1. Set your heat press as recommended in the chart below.
  2. Place the garment on the heat press, and position the ChromaBlast paper with the image facing down, over the garment.
  3. Immediately place a Teflon heat sheet or parchment over the entire transfer.
  4. Press to transfer at the recommended temperature / time / pressure.
  5. ChromaBlast media may be removed by HOT PEEL or COLD PEEL techniques. Test results indicate better wash fastness with the HOT PEEL method.

HOT PEEL - While still hot, and with an even motion, peel the ChromaBlast paper off the garment (hot peel), and stretch the image area from top to bottom and side to side to reduce the hand on the fabric.

COLD PEEL - Wait for the transfer to cool at least two minutes and remove the backing paper as specified above.

Suggested Press Parameters

  • Temperature: 375° F / 190° C
  • Pressure: 60 psi (High), 4.22 kg/cm2, 4.14 bar
  • Time: 20 sec - 30 sec

IMPORTANT: Due to variations in garments and heat presses, these settings may vary. For best results, test different time/temperature combinations to find one that works best with your garment/heat press combination. Please note, higher temperatures generally require less time to prevent scorching. An insufficient time/temperature combination may hinder ChromaBlast from completely curing to the cotton fibers, thus resulting in wash out.

Storage Instructions: Store ChromaBlast Media in a cool, dry environment. Do not remove media from protective packaging until ready to use. Once packaging has been opened, store media in the plastic Zip-Loc bag provided.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Calibrating the heat press is recommended to ensure an accurate temperature. For this procedure, temperature test strips are more accurate than the use of infrared temperature guns.
  • Mirror Image - The image becomes reversed when transferred from paper to garment. Therefore, you will need to "flip" or reverse the image before printing to paper. You can easily mirror your image by selecting the "mirror option" in the ChromaBlast Driver or by reversing the image in the graphics software before printing.
  • If desired, you may trim the non-printed media around the printed image before transferring to garments. Leaving a 1/4-inch margin around the printed area is highly recommended for light-colored garments.
  • If possible, avoid pressing any zippers, buttons or other plastic decorations attached to the garment. The heat and pressure needed to bond the ink to the cotton fabric may cause these to crack or melt.
  • If immediately after pressing, the paper is not easily peeled from the garment and resists removal because the transfer is somewhat tacky, increase the amount of cure time.
  • If immediately after pressing, the transferred image has a slick or shiny appearance, increase the amount of pressure used.
  • Different cotton fabrics will exhibit slightly different results. Please test your fabric before pressing your final design to ensure desired results.